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    “Creating a sense of community”: The rooftop terrace set to bring Orama, Chevron Island residents together

    “Creating a sense of community”: The rooftop terrace set to bring Orama, Chevron Island residents together


    Extensive amenity was a key component when Aniko Group were putting together plans for their maiden Chevron Island apartment tower, Orama.

    Working with Plus Architecture, Aniko have produced an impressive set of facilities for future residents of Orama, and they’re all located on the roof.

    They’re offering a range of indoor and outdoor spaces, with 180 degree ocean views across Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast waterways.

    The 550 sqm rooftop on level 21 will feature a striking lap pool and spa, which take in the best views.

    A gym, sauna, and a yoga space form a wellness-style zone, while there’s extensive work from home facilities in the form of private offices, booths, and even a boardroom.

    A number of indoor and outdoor dining spaces will also feature.

    George Mastrocostas, Aniko Group’s Founder and Managing Director, believes that the inclusion of amenity in the modern day enhances the desirability of a property and contributes to the pleasure and enjoyment of residents.

    Orama, which translates to ‘vision’ in Ancient Greek, will comprise 102 apartments, targeting a mainly owner-occupiers demographic, with a mix of two-bedroom apartments, three-bedroom skyhomes, and two luxury penthouses.

    Mastrocostas says that when you purchase an Aniko apartment, you are purchasing more than simply a place to arrive after work. You are purchasing a personal haven rich in social infrastructure.

    “Aniko derives from the Greek word ‘to belong’,” Mastrocostas said.

    “We aim to create a sense of community and belonging in all our projects and this is achieved primarily through engaging people in some form and that’s where amenities play a vital role.

    “They give residents an opportunity to meet other people that live there and use the amenities, hence helping form a sense of community and belonging.”

    Orama is Aniko’s first foray on Chevron Island, having extensively redeveloped Hope Island with their $125 million Athena Residences, $145 million Athena Quays, and the $56 million 35 Grant Ave Residences.

    They’ve also recently unveiled plans for a landmark $1.5 billion four-tower project at Mermaid Beach, just across the road from Pacific Fair.

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    Written by Alison Warters. Originally published by urban.com.au
    JANUARY 20, 2023

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