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    South East Queensland’s property market continues to soar.

    IN MORE THAN 20 YEARS in the development industry in Southeast Queensland, I’ve never seen so many opportunities come across my desk as the last six months.

    It’s truly incredible.

    I’m sure many in the industry are thinking the same thing to say business is booming on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coasts would be an understatement.

    I’ve never liked the term boom because it also implies there could be a bust, but I have to say the fundamentals in the SEQ property sector give no indication of the latter.

    Strong interstate migration, a growing downsizer market, the work from home phenomenon, greater work flexibility, and a philosophical post-Covid shift in thinking about how-and where people want to live is driving SEQ’s incredibly healthy property sector.

    Thankfully this phenomenal recovery isn’t just restricted to middle or high income earners – with first homebuyers now able to get onto the property ladder thanks to unprecedented government stimulus measures and record low interest rates.

    I don’t know a tradesperson who is struggling to find work. On the contrary they are as a friend said to me recently. “busier than one armed bricklayer in Beirut.”

    I also spoke to a businessman who installs and sells solar panels across the southeast and he can’t find staff for work netting $3000 a week.

    It really is an incredible period for this industry at a time when tourism has lagged under the shadow of border closures.

    Hopefully this will change soon with the emergence of a vaccine.

    From our own clients’ news desk, we have so much to report.

    The best-selling projects on the Gold Coast over the past six months are predominantly clients of Media Hunt.

    -More than $70 million in sales in the second stage of George Mastrocostas’ $140 million 1 Grant Avenue which is re-shaping Hope Island.

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    Originally published by Cove Magazine – Issue 83
    Article by Steve Hunt (Media Hunt), March/ April, 2021

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